Monday, December 3, 2012

There's nothing better than Joo Won singing Nothing Better

I have a feeling that I will turn this blog into a Joo Won and Gaksital related blog. Which... definitely not a bad thing, and who cares right? It's my blog and I can put anything I want in it. Anyway I just found this video on YouTube today... And GAH, why are you so charming Joo Won? I know for sure that you can sing, but that falsetto is just too beautiful! <3 It makes me all mushy and gushy and just every possible feeling that involves happiness! If there's a camera on me watching this, then the girl at minute 2:02 would be ME!

Dear lovely Joo Won, please put an album out already! And please remember, if you ever gonna hold a fan meeting in Indonesia, please wait until I'm back! Pinky promise, okay! Pyong!

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