Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Over...

Yeay! Finals is over! (I'm grinning and dancing on the inside! Wait make that doing backflips and windmill moves -it's my inside anyway!)
I just finished my last finals today and I almost didn't make it. Yes, after being paranoid all year round about missing an exam, yours truly ALMOST missed her finals this morning. What is that phrase again? self-fulfilling prophecy? I almost fulfilled that this morning. I thought the exam was going to be held at 2 pm, but thank God I text my friend to make sure about the time, and turned out it's at 10 freaking am! Can you imagine what would happen if I never asked my friend? 

Anywho, I text her at 8 am this morning, so you can imagine how panic I was when I found out about the time. I barely finished whatever it was that I was studying (which basically NOTHING), because the course homepage tricked me! I checked it over and over again during the weekend, but it still say Friday, Dec 14, 7th period (or 2 pm). Okay, I just checked again and it still say Friday Dec 14... Seriously, this homepage needs to stop fooling herself and face the fact that the exam is over already! Anyway, I then frantically filled up my cheat sheet (we're allowed to bring an A4 with formulas written on it for the exam) with.. EVERYTHING. It's good that I can write small and jammed in a LOT of information in that sheet! Because to be honest, I was poorly prepared for the exam and I can only rely on my cheat sheet, and even that comes with a disclaimer: as long as there's no complicated maths. That's why I struggled as well during the first half an hour before I figured things out. However, I think I did well (don't want to jinx it, but I think I got the logic right) and as long as my professor is not going to be strict with the solutions, I guess I can pull a good mark.

Anyway, I'm so glad the finals is over! (doing another backflip and windmill moves on the inside) Now I can concentrate on my research and spoil myself with dramas! But not before cleaning the house, washing the dishes, and laundry, which is done by the time I'm writing this but I can't pick them up because it's pouring hard outside. Yes, I'm imprisoned in my own apartment. I do hope no one will steal my clothes. I don't think clothes thief exist in my apartment complex or that I have some crazy stalker who would steal my clothes as memorabilia*, so I hope they're still safe.

Btw, this rain is driving me mad! Whenever I think it's going to stop. It starts to pour down again. Rain, please stop being so fickle and just decide already! Do you want to keep pouring down or do you want to stop? Because I got a laundry and "nasi uduk" that I need to pick up, and I can't make my move if you're not being clear with me!

"All I want to do right now is to pick up my laundry!"

*I just came back from picking up my laundry and they're outside and already folded. Creepy much?

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