Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Top 7 1 Night 2 Days Season 2 Games

I love 1 Night 2 Days! It's definitely one of my favorite k-variety shows at the moment. I started watching this show last year even though I've been reading recaps on Dramabeans waaaay before watching the episodes. Long story short, I found a website with links to many of the episodes and 15 minutes into the episode (which I picked randomly), I was hooked! Watching these guys playing all sorts of games was like being transported back to my childhood where I would laugh hysterically at every single childish prank and silly body gag.  

At first I wanted to list my top games from 1N2D, but then I realized the infinite number of games from the first season combined with second season. So I decided to list them by season instead*. 

Here goes...

1. Butt Wrestling
In which you have stand back to back with your opponent, and you have to knock your opponent down using... your butt! You can move your butt in pretty much in any direction. You can do butt-swaying to evade your opponents and cause them to lose balance. You can do butt-mashing to instantly knock or "launch" them off. The bottomline is: Best. Game. Ever.

Kim Seung-woo and Sung Shi-kyung face-off.. or butt-off?
The butt that launches everything...

2. Paper Smooching (ehem..for lack of better term)
In which you have to pass a paper from one end to another using only your mouth. This is definitely a game set up for smooches!

Maybe Kim Seung-woo just really like to kiss...

3. Tickle, tickle, tickle
In which you got tickled until you say "I give up". If you have a 5-year-old sense of humor like me, this game will definitely have you in stitches! I died laughing watching how everyone is persevering and also all kinds of methods they used to get the person to give up

Joo Won the ballerino

4. Elephant Nose and [Insert name of any game here]
Where you have to do elephant nose and then do other gesture(s) afterwards (kick a footbag, do a high-five, draw the opponent's face, run towards a table and thread a needle). As with any game that involves elephant nose, it's the dizzy part that makes it hilarious!

Kim Seung-woo trying to balance himself with Uhm-force

5. Face Masks Peel-Off
In which you slap a face mask on your face and then try to make it fall off by crazily wiggling/contorting your face muscles or... screaming GAAAAKSITAAAL!!!


6. Blind Hide and Seek
In which the seeker is blindfolded and has to do an elephant nose before looking for the hiders in a small contained space. Hilarity ensues as the hiders struggled to maneuver their bodies to  evade the seeker or sacrificing the other hider or sometimes they just decided to gang up and abuse the seeker to prevent him from coming closer to them. Well, if I'm going down, at least I get to make you suffer as well! 

Jong-min going crazy over the floating pillow

 7. Hand Footbag
Where you put your right shoe on your right hand, and then you hit the footbag with your right hand while moving your right foot in simultaneous motion as your right hand. It... makes no sense, but it's entertaining to watch the funny motion as the result of this game.


 And... A bonus from season 1! Just because it made me laugh-crying when I watched it...

Lee Seung-gi the sit-up machine

 *Plus it's hard and time-consuming to track down the episode of particular games of show that spanned for over 5 years


  1. LOL. I like your first and last gifs. Butt wrestling ftw! :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, butt wrestling is the best game ever. I can't stop laughing every time I watch it.

  2. which episode it the blind hide and seek?

  3. I haven't seen the 2nd and 3rd seasons yet but I just finished the 1st one and that last gif of Hodong giving Seung Gi a sit-up-ride was so freaking hilarious!!!!! I had to replay that part so many times and I was laughing like crazy every single time!!!

    And that blind hide-and-seek game was introduced in the 1st season too and that was hilarious!!!!

  4. From which episode is the face mask peel off? :)

  5. what episode it the paper smooching one?