Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A girl does not live by latte alone. Have a spinach feta pie!

Hmmm.. My precious! Oh please, as if you never saw someone whispering "my precious" to their delicious mug of vanilla latte and spinach feta pie before.

I love coffee! (HA! As if my username, blog title, and the whole design of this blog do not clue you in on that) And I fell in love with this double vanilla latte today! Having the latte together with the spinach feta pie after a three-hour meeting with my professor was like having a mini Joo Won hanging from the roof of my mouth serenading each and everyone of my dazed taste buds with his sweet falsetto voice (I just have to cite him in my post!)... I do believe that this particular coffeehouse (named Pascal's Coffeehouse*) serves one of the best coffee in the town. Another favorite coffee place of mine is located in a plaza near my apartment, but the ceramic mug and the latte art really gives this one an edge over the other. They use Sweetwater coffee which is roasted locally here in Gainesville for their espresso, and I just found out that their current brewed coffee offering is the Sumatra Gayo Mountain (you know I approve!). 

The coffeehouse itself is really warm and cozy with its interior designed like a gorgeous lodge up in some beautiful mountain. It has fireplace and lots of windows (just don't look out from them because it will shatter your illusion and bring you back to Gainesville). It's sure is a great place to study, read or hang out with friends.. I sure would love to visit this coffeehouse more often. If only it were not located so so far away from my department and I have to fight the gnarly traffic** to reach it!

Anyway I'm feeling like having a cup of caramel latte and brownies now...

*Rumor has it that the place is nicknamed 'Godbucks'. Maybe because it's located inside a Christian Study Center (where I normally have my bible study session) and because the coffee taste better than Sbucks.
**From scale 0 to gnarly, let's just say that my roommate was hit by a car while crossing the traffic to get there

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