Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Best Things in Life are FREE!!

Yup that sentence beyond doubt summed up these couple of days. Every employee who is working around and underneath Nemangkawi mountain must be rejoicing right now as we’re spoilt with free internet access. Before I move on, I think I need to shed a light on the internet system in my office. Not everybody can access the internet from my office. Only the chosen group of people who can gain the privilege of accessing the internet. Even if you managed to gain the privilege, you still have to face the annoying internet blocks. No multiply. No facebook (oops, sorry multiply. I didn’t mean to promote other social network in your web). No downloading music.  No streaming. No fun!

So how did we manage to have a free internet access in this strict, harsh, and cold working environment? Well I would like to brag how I use an advanced command prompt to bypass the office internet blocks. I mean that would make it sounds a lot cooler. Make me feel like Sandra Bullock in The Net -minus the identity thievery and actions-. But unfortunately I’m not at that level yet. There’s been a leak in the system that allows me, and others, to have access to every site I want. Streaming. Uploading. Downloading. Browsing. Virtually having all the fun you can in cyber world.  Even subscribing an internet provider couldn’t produce this much fun. The secluded area caused us being timed out more often than actually using the internet. Therefore, here I am making the best out of this situation by writing an update on my blog after sucha long time. Am keeping my fingers crossed for another day of internet leak at the office. Might as well enjoy it while it last!