Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A New Blog

I just knew today that Multiply will soon lose its blogging feature as it transforms into a marketplace site*. Thus began the horrendous task of downloading all of the files in my old blog (which I've been grooming for the last 5 years! Although the amount probably only come up to what average blogger post in one year or a even a month when taking Tumblr into account -_-) and migrating them all here.

I don't know where this is heading, maybe this will mark a new start where I'll start blogging again, although if you knew me by my good ole multiply site**, I mostly posted reviews on movies and dramas (ehem, yes Asian dramas). I did blog sometimes about random things that happens to me. But well it's far more interesting to blog about those stuffs. Who wants to listen to me talking about Quantum Field Theory and deriving some formulas as part of an assignment anyway?

So let's embark on this new journey together, shall we?  Come with me, take my hand. Sorry, I meant my right hand. It’s drier, trust me...

*I blame capitalism for what it has become
**Actually you can see it now below this post. Technology, you just gotta love it.. 

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