Saturday, January 19, 2008

staying awake..

I just watched ‘The Invasion’ (which is starred by Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, btw) about 2 days ago. And on one part of the movie, Craig told Kidman about ‘how one can stay awake for a week’ which I found fascinating since I want to be able to do that in order to finish typing up my undergraduate thesis –not all of them obviously, just the second and third chapter. The problem is everytime I want to do my thesis, I dunno why I always feel sleepy. I normally take a nap in order to recharge. Then after that I thought that I need to refresh my brain by doing fun things so I normally watch TV. Then watch some movies which I already watched before. Then web around the internet. Then click the refresh button over and over and over again and feel good about it. Then… Hang on.. maybe the sleeping part is not my real problem. Maybe I should just stop procrastinating and do whatever I’m supposed to do, which is typing up my undergraduate thesis…

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